10th November Amazon Quiz Time ,Amazon Quiz Today Answer  :Hi Guys,we are posting amazon quiz answers and today i am back with quiz time. Quiz is Simple, You Will Get Rs 500,amazon pay balance if you answer all answers correctly and if you are lucky enough.

There are 5 questions you have to answer all Questions correctly and you will get a chance to win Rs 500.Contest will commence on 10th November and valid from 08:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 11:59:59 p.m. 100 winners will be selected.so,why are you waiting just see answers below and answer correctly all 10th November Amazon Quiz Time.

10th November Amazon Quiz Time Answers :–

1. In a haze, a stormy haze’ are lyrics to a song by which one of these?

Answer – Coldplay

2. In which European city would you find the famous Blue Domed Church?

Answer – Santorini, Greece

3. In context to geography, what are ‘Isohyets’?

Answer – Lines on a map showing equal rainfall

4. Which famous hotel, designed to resemble the sail of a ship, stands on an artificial island 280 m from Jumeirah Beach?

Answer –Burj al Arab, Dubai

5. In which country would you find the temple complex Angkor Wat?

Answer – Cambodia

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