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Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz: Win OnePlus 5T.Hey incrediblefreestuff readers,We Regularly post about Amazon Quiz & Amazon Quiz Answers. Now Amazon is back again with a new exciting contest to win OnePlus 5T. Yes, you heard it right now you can win OnePlus 5T Free from Amazon in Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz Contest for answering some simple questions. This is another Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz or Contest. Earlier, before OnePlus 5T Launch event, Amazon already had a similar quiz. This is second Quiz or Content from Amazon with Oneplus 5T Launch!

Participants who answer the Contest question correctly will be eligible to be the winners. To win easily in the Amazon OnePlus 5 Quiz contest, we are adding all the answers of Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz. So just go through the steps and see the answers and participate in Amazon OnePlus 5T Contest to win.

Steps to Win in Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz Contest

1. First of all, Download or Update Amazon App(IOS OR Android) to enter the contest:

2. Install, Open & Login or Signup for the app with Amazon Account.

3. You will see a “The Levels – Win a OnePlus 5T” quiz or contest banner.

4. Click on the Banner & Start the quiz. There are total five levels to be completed. Each level has different types of questions. You have to complete all the five levels by answering each question correctly to successfully participate and increase winning chances.

5. You will get total 5 questions in each level. Answer all the questions. 3*5 = 15 total questions. Check the answers added below to participate easily .

Total Prizes and Winners

  • OnePlus Bullets (V2) – Total 10 Winners
  • OnePlus 5T – Total 5 Winners

Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz Answers (The Levels)

Level 1 Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which of these is a new feature in the OnePlus 5T?

Answer: Amoled 18:9 Display

Question 2: OnePlus 5T offers a larger viewing experience compared to OnePlus 5, at a similar form factor. What is the display screen size of the OnePlus 5T?

Answer: 6.01 Inch

Question 3: A pixel is the base element in measuring display resolution. The term ‘Pixel’ is a shortform for which of these?

Answer: Picture Element

Level 2 Quiz Answers

Question 1: What are the primary dual camera specifications on the OnePlus 5T?

Answer: 16MP + 20MP

Question 2: Which of these is NOT a setting that can be fine-tuned on OnePlus 5T’s manual mode?

Answer: Lever

Question 3: Which of these is NOT associated with a format pictures are saved in digitally?

Answer: Sunshine

Level 3 Quiz Answers

Question 1: OnePlus 5T is powered by which processor?

Answer: Snapdragon 835

Question 2: What are the RAM variants that the OnePlus 5T is available in?

Answer: 6GB/8GB

Question 3: What does ROM stand for with regards to the internal memory of a smartphone?

Answer: Read Only Memory

Level 4 Quiz Answers

Question 1: With Dash charge, how long does it take to get a day’s power on the OnePlus 5T?

Answer: Half an Hour

Question 2: What is the battery capacity of the OnePlus 5T?

Answer: 3,300mAh

Question 3: Which of these is NOT a type of battery?

Answer: Pima Colada

Level 5 Quiz Answers

Question 1: Amazon Prime members will enjoy early access to the sale of OnePlus 5T. When does this sale begin?

Answer: 4:30 PM,21st November 2017

Question 2: Which of these phrases is associated with the OnePlus 5T?

Answer: Never Settle

Question 3: Which of these OnePlus phones was not launched on

Answer: OnePlus 11


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