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Hi guys , hope you all satisfying with latest offers. Please comment for any issues, feel free to contact us.This is a new Research conducted by applause with facebook.  You can earn 5$ per month. You just need to place facebook recharge app in you mobile to claim this offer. You can also earn Rs.10$ per Refer. So hurry up. Download fb research app now and earn 5$ every month free.

Details About FB Research App Offer :-

FB research app by Applause is market research app. Applause is one the global tester website. Applause works on global testing apps and websites. Experts who works in Applause provides full range feed back services. Applause world wide trusted app.

Fb research gives a chance to earn up to 750$ per month for every Indian. You have to place fb research app in your phone. Be active in fb research app Atleast for first 20 days to claim. Earn 5$ per month just for placing app. It also offers 10$ per refer and earn. So hurry up. Just follow below steps and earn huge amount every month for free.

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Requirements to claim fb research app offer :-

1 . Device – IOS 8.0 + , Android 6.0+ Smartphones.

2. PayPal account (to receive payments) if don’t have Check here to create full verified account.

3. Mobile data

Reward prizes:-

1. You can Earn 5$ Every Month Free For Placing  App in you mobile phone.

2. You can also Earn for Refer. 10$ Per Referring Each Friend. You Need To  Refer Within 30 Days Of Joining. [1st Month]

3. Earn 5$ Per Refer For Each Friend You Refer After 30 Days Of Joining. [After 1st Month]

4. Earn 20$ Extra For Every 5 Friend Who Active In App Per Month , If Friend Is 10  Then You Get 40$.

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Steps to be taken to claim FB Research App Offer:-

You just need to follow given below 3 steps to claim FB Research App Offer

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Step 1:-

1. Fill this form Visit here or Comment your Details in comments section or What’s app  your details in our official group. 

Details need to comment :- Your mail and Name 

Note :- Send name with which  you want to create fb research app and PayPal linked mail.

2. You will receive mail with in 24 hrs to register in fb research app.

3. Now sign up with your name, mail with which you had send us and date of birth.

[Make Sure To Enter Above 20 Years. As they  Will Select Limited Date Of Births Only]

4. Now submit you details and wait for 24 hrs for another mail.

Note :- As there are limited spots left , the user who gets second mail are eligible to claim rewards.

If didn’t get the second mail comment your details again with another name and mail . We will suggest you again to earn huge rewards. 

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Step 2 :-

1. Before starting second step , make sure that first step process is successfully done.

2. After first step, just wait for second mail from fb research app.

3. In second mail you will get a link to download app.

4. Download fb research app from that link.

5. You also get the coupon code in second mail enter that code only.

6. Give all permissions to the app.

7. In some mobile phones the app won’t works and it asks to download extra files.

8. In this case download extra file.

9. Now allow  VPN Turn On when it asks.

10. VPN should be turned on every time.

11. Open app twice a day to run app background daily.

12.  The app should run background min14-16 Hrs daily.

13. You won’t get any problems if the app is turned on background.

14. You can use normally even though the app is running background.

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Step 3 :- 

1. After successfully completion of first two steps . Use app for 3-5 days with VPN .

2. You will receive another mail from fb research app.

3. In this mail they will confirm your installation.

4. That’s it . Hurray , you have completed all steps .

5. Now just run app daily and earn payments from app.

6. Earn huge cash every month.

Refer and earn program:-

1. In first three mails which you have received from fb research app , you will find referral links.

2. Click that link to refer your friends and earn extra amount for each referral.

3. Once you click the link Google form will open.

4. Accept terms and click next.

5. Provide your details and your friends details.

6. Submit both name and mail .

7. Your friend gets referral mail with 2 days .

8. To Receive Any Payments You & Your Friend Both Need To Be Active In App For Atleast 20 Days In Month.

FB Research App Project Will Get Full Soon , So Hurry Up Join It Before the offer expires.

Proof :-

Hurry up . Comment your details in below comments section and earn free 5$ every month.

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