Hello incrediblefreestuff readers here is an incredible offer where you will get Free rupay debit card and Rs.50 as joining bonus on Pesave app.No shipping charges.

How to get rupay debit card and Rs.50 freely:

  • Download  pesave app
  • Register with your mobile number
  • Apply referral code:ShivaReddy198
  • Fill your personal details
  • Order your debit card to your address
  • After receiving your card activate the card in your app
  • Now,instantly you will get Rs.50 in your debit card.
  • You can use this card as other normal debit card.

    What is Pesave?

    Pesave is a modern alternative to a regular bank. It is a card & an app that helps you save and grow your money.
    We all demand more from our money and at Pesave all we do is give you greater control over what’s yours.
    We help make accessing and managing your money hassle free and easy to understand.

    Who can sign up for Pesave?

    Any Indian citizen, above the age of 18, with a valid Aadhar card can sign up for Pesave account.

    Is Pesave a bank?

    Pesave lets people open an account and issues a card that can be used like any other. You have complete control over these with our app.
    However, Pesave does not store your money. Your money is securely stored with our partner bank Yes Bank.

    What is the maximum amount I can store in the account?

    Currently the maximum balance that you can store in your account is Rs. 50,000

    With my account, can I issue and receive cheques?

    Pesave has been made keeping the future in mind. Electronic payments are the way forward and they’re already accounting for the bulk of all payments. Hence, Pesave does not support both the receipt and issuance of cheques.

    What is the rate of interest offered in this account?

    RBI currently does not allow us to pay interest in this account. But watch this space as we may have something to announce soon 🙂

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