Did you know you can earn on every spend? Apply for SBI’s Simply Credit Card and Earn SBI rewards on all offline purchases. It takes only 5 mins to apply.

You need to apply for it because you get flat rs 500 amazon voucher free and many more things that you can check below. Isn’t it incredible?

Apply for an SBI credit card online so as to avail of bounty, benefits, and rewards.

The SBI-State Bank of India offers a wide range of credit cards with exclusive benefits, discounts, and deals for everyone.

With an SBI Credit card, you can fulfill all your shopping needs and at the same time get rewarded for your spending.

Shopping, dining, travel, or movies – whatever be your preference, SBI has credit cards for all your needs. The top SBI cards along with their amazing feature.

But it has some eligibility criteria to apply for an SBI credit card. Check below for that.

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Eligibility to apply :

1.CIBIL Score requirement – 700 or more

2.Salary Requirements – Min. Rs 20,000 per month for Salaried and Rs 30,000 per month for Self-employed

3.Acceptance and approval of the application: Based on successful telephonic verification only

4.So, you need to be meeting all those above criteria to apply for a credit card.

How to Apply for SBI Credit Card?

  1. To apply visit the SBI Card website. simply save | simply click
  2. Choose a credit card and click on “Apply Now”
  3. Fill in all the details and verify your mobile number.
  4. Then, click on “Next Step”.
  5. Follow the instructions.

Benefits of SBI credit card?

  • Save more while shopping online on Big Sales. Apply for an SBI card and get the following benefits.
  • Rs 500 Amazon Gift Voucher on Signup from SBI.
  •  Get up to 10x SBI rewards on all Amazon orders.
  •  Min 5 SBI Rewards per Rs 100 spent on online transactions, 10 SBI Rewards per Rs 100 spent on preferred retailers like Amazon, Netmeds, UrbanCompany.
  •  1% fuel surcharge waiver for each transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000. The maximum waiver in a month is capped at Rs 100.
  •  e-voucher worth Rs.2,000 on annual online spends of Rs.1 Lakh from SBI.
  •  e-voucher worth Rs.2,000 on annual online spends of Rs.2 Lakhs from SBI.

The following are features:

  • This is popular in the market because it offers a wide accretion of credit cards matching the needs of a young bachelor as well as that of an effluent spendthrift. Different SBI cards come with different benefits making them useful for all.
  • The rewards program has been designed to let users earn more rewards for doing what they like.
  • Choose a card according to your spending personality and make the most of it through rewards and cashback.
  • Reward points can be redeemed against a variety of options ranging from gift vouchers to direct statement credit.
  • There are many credit card companies competing with SBI cards because of its unique structure it is king in the share market as well.
  • Get access to cash anytime anywhere through SBI ATMs. Withdraw up to your cash limit and stay prepared for all your cash needs.

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Transfering Money:

Practically, all SBI credit cards are enabled with a money-transfer facility through which you can transfer the outstanding balance of a different credit card to SBI Card at a lower rate of interest and payback in easy EMIs.

Public Utility Bills:

To pay the utility bills on standing instructions and never miss a payment. SBI Card Auto Pay, Register Pay, and Fast Pay features make utility bill payments a breeze.

Characteristics and Services of SBI Credit Card:

  • SBI credit cards are accepted globally across 24 million outlets including 3,25,000 outlets in India itself.
  • All SBI cards offer fuel freedom benefits wherein the fuel surcharge is waived off every time you use your SBI Card for the purpose. However, the transaction amount to be eligible for this waiver may differ from one credit card to another.
  • It has also offer fraud liability cover. The amount of cover may vary. Your SBI credit card can be replaced anytime anywhere around the world by simply giving a call to SBI Card’s 24×7 emergency card replacement helpline.
  • You can get add-on cards on your SBI card for other members of your family. Big-ticket purchases can be converted into easy EMIs by using the Flexipay facility.
  • Use the Easy Money facility to get a draft or cheque drawn against the cash limit on your SBI credit card.
  • Transfer the outstanding balance on any other bank’s credit card to an SBI card at a lower interest rate and pay them off in easy EMIs.
  • It is easy to make SBI credit card payment online either by logging into their web portal or by directly visiting the SBI bill desk.
  • You can apply for an attractive offer with the best possible rate of interest and terms for Personal, Business, and Home Loan.

About SBI Credit Card:

SBI Card was launched in October 1998 by the STATE BANK OF INDIA, India’s largest bank, and GE capital. For the F/Y ending March 31, 2016, SBI Card recorded a net profit of ₹271 crores and a profit before tax of about ₹438 crores.

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