IVRS Aadhaar link Online : How to Link Adhaar Card With Mobile Number using OTP

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Hello guys,Howdy,I think you are doing well with free recharge tricks. I am back with how to Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number using OTP.Yes you heard it right ,You can easily link your Aadhar with mobile number without going to nearest retailer or mobile center.You can just call to 14546 and verify your Aadhar with otp which you receive on mobile.

How To Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number With OTP Online

As per governments directive,it is mandatory to link your mobile with Aadhar.So without wasting time follow below steps to verify it.

Things Needed :

  • Your Aadhaar Card Number
  • Your Active  SIM card
  • OTP (SMS You Receive In Your SIM)aadhaar mobile sim 559 110217050549 - How to Link Adhaar Number With Mobile Number using OTP

How to Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number Online :

1) First of all call to 14546 from your number which you want to re-verify with Aadhaar.

2) Now Press 1 For Indian Residence and Press 1 to continue.

3) Then enter your 12 Digit Unique Aadhar Number which you want to Link.

4) Your operator will do All Demographic verification of the number.

5)  After Completion of verification process,operator will send you a OTP.

6) You will Receive an OTP from UIDAI to your registered Aadhar Card Number.

7) Now Enter the OTP and now confirmed it.

8) Voila!! You Are all be done, Your Mobile Number Is Now Linked With your Aadhar Card.

9) E-kyc process has been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1) What is last date to link aadhar with SIM card or link aadhar card to Mobile number?

You can link your aadhar card with your number till February 2018. So you have enough time, nothing to panic.

2) Is it mandatory to link aadhar with SIM card?

Yes it’s mandatory to do. If you are unavailable to do then you can do it later, as last date is not so near, it’s February 2018.

3) Can I link it (Link aadhaar card to the mobile number) online without visiting retailer?

Yes, you can link it from 1st December 2017, we will add all details how you can link aadhar card to mobile number online.

4) Can I link my Aadhar to multiple SIM cards?

Yes, you can link to multiple SIM cards. However, there is limit of maximum 5 connection per user.

5) Is there any fees for it?

No, there is no fee for it. If someone asks for money then complain Customer Care about it.

6) What if I am less then 18 years old?

Maybe, it will work for you, try and tell us as well.



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