Hello guys, hope you are enjoying our free recharge tricks. Use this trick to solve volume issue in moto e4plus. 100% working and no root needed.

Moto e4 plus

Being a moto e4plus user i have noticed volume problem after using some days while compared to moto g4 plus. Moto e4plus is a low budget smartphone which comes with 3GB ram and 32GB rom it’s performance is good but volume will give trouble for some users. To solve this problem firstly you should be a developer. Now i will say how to become a developer first.

How to enable developer options in your mobile:-

1. This method is helpful for every smartphone.

2. Open settings in your mobile.

3. Swipe upwords you can see about phone option there.

4. Click on about phone, now you can see build number option at bottom.

5. Tap on build number 9-10 times untill it shows you are a developer. That’s it you are a developer now.

Volume troble :-(only for moto e4plus)

1. After becoming a developer go back to home screen and open phone dial

2. Now just dial *#*#3646633#*#*  it will automatically take you to engineer mode and swipe from right to left as shown below.

3. Swipe until you see hardware(swipe twice) now open audio option there.

4. Now tap on Normal mode you can see like this. Tap on 160 and make it 255 and tap on set. Tap on 144 and make it to max level i.e, 160.

5. Go back tap on loudspeaker option and do same as above.

6. Again go back and tap on headset loud speaker mode and do same process again.

7. Your volume issue is solved. Enjoy rocking loud music from now.(you will be shocked)

8. If this process doesn’t solves trouble dont feel bad please mail us or leave a comment.




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