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Paytm cash earning apps

1) Data buddy :

This is the best app in earning the paytm cash so this is kept in first place .This is one of the best paytm cash earning apps.You will get money by installing the following apps given by the app .Not only this but also by referring to friends or relatives you can get Rs.10 in the data buddy account .

After downloading the app from your link your friend or relative will get and you will also get Rs.10.You can refer up to 11 members more than that , if you refer more  you cannot get money. You can redeem when you get Rs.50 ,here you can get just Rs.20. If you save up to Rs.100 you can redeem and get total money to your paytm account

To get Rs.10 Download app  here

2) Bulb Smash Game :

This is the second best game to earn free paytm cash .This is one of the best paytm cash earning apps.You will get money by playing this game.  I can say you that this game will not get bored. Not only this you can get money by referring to your friends or relatives.You will get Rs.5 downloading the app by your link.You can refer up to 12 members after that you cannot money if you refer also.You can earn Rs.60 by referring your friends and relatives. You can redeem money when you get  Rs.60. 

To get Rs.5 download app here

3) Pocket Money :

This is other app you can earn free paytm cash This is one of the best paytm cash earning apps.It is not easy but not tough,if you have patience you can do it .You can get Rs.160 by referring friends and relatives.You will get Rs.5 when your friend install app by your link and earn Rs.5 by installing his first app. Here not only paytm cash but also you can recharge also.You can earn by installing the apps given by the pocket money

Download app here

4) Task bucks :

This is famous and well known app for earning free patym cash.This is one of the best paytm cash earning apps. You can Rs.63 per day by referring your friends and relatives.For 1st referral you can get Rs.18 , For 2nd referral you can get Rs.20 ,3rd referral you can get Rs.30. Not only by referring but also by installing the apps also you can earn.You can win paytm cash by playing quiz in in this app.You can also recharge if you are interested or you can with paytm

Download app here

5) Vadz

This is a app where you can earn paytm cash by watching videos .This is in points type you will be having points if you earn 3000 points it is equal to 6 dollars .Here you will have levels in it.They will get some offers i.e by seeing 50 videos a day , you can earn more points ,don’t miss that chance. You can earn points by referring your friends or relatives .You can earn 25% of your friends points up to his 7th level . You can redeem money when you get 3000 points i.e Rs.400 approximately

Download app here

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