The Man Company Products: The Man Company Products are of premium quality and contain very rich benefits. Ingredients being one of the major to produce.

After a lot of research and testing, they picked the best ingredients and figured various ideal combinations, to offer the best products that solve some or the other problem.

Every product offered, is an combination of elements carefully made with rich ingredients.

The products contain 100% natural premium oils and Paraben free, which makes sure, that your skin, eyes and Glandulae Sebaceae stay unharmed from these chemicals.

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The Man Company have started delivering products for Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo and Sanitizer across the below cities :
  1. Kolkata
  2. Chennai
  3. Mumbai
  4. Delhi
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Bangalore
  7. Gurgaon
  8. Noida
  9. Navi Mumbai

How to avail the the man company products

  • First of all go to website by clicking on the link  Visit here
  • Purchase the whatever item u want
  • Apply coupon code : BIRTHDAY40 to get 40% off on any product except sanitizers.

The Man Company is one of the best grooming destination for gentlemen. This is great move, which transforms the nature of Men in the case of grooming himself. This startup was founded by Hitesh Dhingra along with Bhisham Bhateja and Parveen Bareja in 2015.

The Man Company is a  content based subscription eCommerce platform for Men’s which provides a range of quality grooming products with multiple essential oil variants in each product line.

The range includes shampoos, body washes, face washes, hair gels, sunscreen lotions, shaving gels and soaps.

The Man company creates premium and exclusive grooming products, for all those men out there. Purchaser have the flexibility and periodically get products delivered to them based on their usage.

From the market studies, men are now paying greater attention to their grooming and personal care needs. Common issues for men who in general do not like to shop are availability and affordability.

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An Area Overview

According to a study by Euromonitor International, unlike in the past when men’s grooming used to chip in with women’s products, it is now considered a high-involvement category.

With the growth of e-commerce platform in India and the increase in purchasing power, more and more men are exploring options and variety in grooming and essentials products.

In Future:

The Man Company allows customers to customize their products basket to suit their needs, set the frequency of their order, and revise or cancel their subscription any time they want to.

Let’s promise to take better care of ourselves on all days to come.

About Funding:

Its rapid growth attracted seed funding and angel investors towards itself.

In 2015, company raised an undisclosed seed fund from seed investor Smile Group.

2016, company raised $5,00,000 seed fund from seed fund investors Redcliffe Capital and Tidhar Carmell.

2017, Emami acquired The Men Company, 30% stakes with invested $ 3Million.

Finally In 2019, company raised an undisclosed Corporate Round Fund from Ayushman Khurrana (Bollywood Actor).

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